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Maybe This is Why The Guy You Like Does NOT Like You

When women perform this behavior I am about to outline, the only thing that happens is the male ego goes kaput. Most men will let it slide if it happens once or twice but if you are an habitual offender of this NOT so obvious behavior you can say goodbye to every man because no one is going to put up with this long term.

So here is an example. Sally is on a first date with Joe and they are getting to know each other.

Sally: "Do you play any sports?"

Joe states, "I used to play semi-pro soccer when I was younger and now I play in a men's league".

In response Sally says, "That is cool, my friend Joey plays professionally for the NY Redbulls. I should introduce the two of you, I bet he could even get us tickets to one of his games. He is so talented"

Now, do you see what Sally did wrong?

Sally missed a massive opportunity to CONNECT with Joe, show that she can be IMPRESSED, and give him APPROVAL.

She inadvertently is making it seem like Joe is not good enough and she is not impressed and due to that NOT easily made happy. If Joe feels it will be more challenging to make Sally happy he is most likely going to look for a woman who is able to ACCEPT him for what he offers and be IMPRESSED by what he has accomplished.

So what should Sally have done. Now, if Sally is not a big sports fan, she doesn't need to jump out of her chair and bow down to the all mighty Joe but what she could do to show interest and acceptance is some of the following:

"Wow, that is cool. When did you start playing soccer?"

"Did you play every season of the year?"

"What position did you play?"

Now these are simple questions that 1. Show Sally is interested and 2. Make Joe feel special that he is one of the few that was able to play semi-pro soccer.

Okay ladies, now go out there and build your men up, make them feel special, so they will be energetic and excited to treat you like royalty.

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