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How to Handle the Guy Online Who Keeps Messaging You But Never Asks You Out

I am pretty sure everyone who online dates has experienced the following. Guy messages girl, girl responds. After a few back and forth messages finally an interesting conversation develops. You start to get intrigued by the guy and are excited about potentially going on a date with him. However, message after message, and he does NOT ASK YOU OUT. For awhile you keep responding because you figure it must be coming, however, it never does. Eventually you stop responding, and feel frustrated and pissed that you wasted all that time.

However, there must be a better way.

If you are a habitual reader of my blog, I think you will agree that my advice is about to be very consistent with my advice in general for women.

Stop wasting time. If you want to go on a date, ASK HIM OUT! If he says yes, awesome. If he says no, at least you can't stop wasting your valuable time messaging this guy.

Now, let's focus on if he says, "Yes!".

The next move is vitally important so that you maintain your identity as the woman and he remains the man.

Say the following to his "Yes" response.