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How to Handle the Guy Online Who Keeps Messaging You But Never Asks You Out

I am pretty sure everyone who online dates has experienced the following. Guy messages girl, girl responds. After a few back and forth messages finally an interesting conversation develops. You start to get intrigued by the guy and are excited about potentially going on a date with him. However, message after message, and he does NOT ASK YOU OUT. For awhile you keep responding because you figure it must be coming, however, it never does. Eventually you stop responding, and feel frustrated and pissed that you wasted all that time.

However, there must be a better way.

If you are a habitual reader of my blog, I think you will agree that my advice is about to be very consistent with my advice in general for women.

Stop wasting time. If you want to go on a date, ASK HIM OUT! If he says yes, awesome. If he says no, at least you can't stop wasting your valuable time messaging this guy.

Now, let's focus on if he says, "Yes!".

The next move is vitally important so that you maintain your identity as the woman and he remains the man.

Say the following to his "Yes" response.

"Great! It would be amazing if you would pick us a spot to meet, maybe we could do Tuesday or Thursday at 8PM?"

This short and sweet message does a bunch of things. First, it offers your availability with two options in case he is busy one night. It also allows him to be the man by picking the location.

As a dating coach for women but previously for men, I constantly heard man complaining about how women took zero initiative and didn't even progress conversations forward by offering their availability. The men said they would need to drag every ounce of information out of the girl. Sometimes it would be nice if women would just offer it up so men could get the date planned quicker.

On a side note, ladies it is important to realize that typically men prefer to use any form of text messaging purely for logistics. While women will sometimes have full conversations via text. If you want to get on his wavelength also attempt to just use texting for logistics.

Then, the process of getting to know each other, venting, or any form of conversation can happen either in person or through phone calls.

Well ladies, there you have it, you got yourself a date with the guy that messages but never asks you out. Hopefully, he is more decisive during your dates.

Now, if you are ready for more personalized advice that will deliver you a guy that is specific to exactly what you want go to the following link and schedule a FREE 15 minute introductory phone call with me, Mike Goldstein. Here is the link:

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