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Can I Date My Friend's Ex?

3 years ago, a few too many glasses of Pinot Grigio, a cute guy with just the right words (she thinks?), a kiss, and a feeling that lasts a few weeks. Perhaps a follow up date, perhaps not, but now an official NO FLY ZONE for all friends. Is this unwritten code of ethics fair, smart, worth following?

I am sure we can make an argument for both sides and then follow up with some very specific incidents where it is and is not acceptable to dates a friends ex. However, I am going to make things simple and probably receive a lot of negative dissent because of it.

It is really hard to find someone you are attracted to and connect with. Thus, if someone is an ex or simply a guy you kissed at a bar once, it didn't work out for a reason and that person should be fair game for all friends. At the end of the day, we are all warm hearted good intentioned people and if our friend and ex can find love, marriage, and a life together we should be HAPPY FOR THEM not resentful.

Our job, which is an exciting one is to go into the world and find our perfect match. No reason to look back at spilled milk, there is 3 Billion plus men in the world waiting to meet you.

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