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Does She Want A Kiss?

It’s the end of the first date. You just had drinks at three different bars around NYC and now you are walking your beautiful date home to her apartment. Your heart is pounding because you are thinking about if you need to perform the always cliché kiss at the door.

How did you get to this point? Who wants to kiss someone when every movie, book, and social cue tells us it needs to happen? Call me anti conformist if you must, but I WILL NOT KISS THE GIRL AT THE DOOR!

I don't care how long she jingles her keys at the door, fumbles through her purse, or stares into my eyes and asks me silly questions just to keep me at the door. It is not happening! Missed Opportunity? I think Not! What if randomly on the walk to her apt. in the middle of her sentence about how many carrots she ate on Tuesday, I lean in, place my lips half a inch from hers, pause, and wait to see what she thinks about being this close to me. BOOM! Fireworks! And we have a first kiss. In case you were that interested, she had 15 baby carrots on Tuesday ;)

Now, how do we know if she wants to kiss?

Some signs that are sometimes true:

She stares at your lips

She puts on lip gloss (Not applicable if she does this early in the date)

She stares at your lips

Long awkward stare with no conversation at Close Range (Switch to guns, too close for missiles...I may have watched Top Gun too many times)

Walk straight at her, does she move or hold strong in her spot? No movement, BINGO!

Pucker up ladies and gentleman!

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