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Every woman has that story that ends in tears. Guy takes girl out for drinks, he is charming, sweet, and intellectually stimulating. One drink leads to two, three, and then four. All of a sudden you are feeling a little buzz and the guy is still looking cute. A few hours later you are in his bedroom. You go to work the next day, perhaps a little embarrassed but excited to hear from "your man". He never calls, he never texts. You start to think, am I unattractive? Was the sex bad? Am I a bad kisser? Was all that charming conversation just to get in my pants? You could ask yourself a million questions.

However, the facts are simple. He is gone and you are fabulous , but you may want to tweak your dating process so this doesn't happen again.

Moving forward what is the best process?

I would suggest waiting for monogamy before having sex. This does a few things. It allows both parties to really get to know each other. Do you get along, do you have similarities, do you have similar beliefs on important topics? Also, it gives the man the opportunity to chase you. If he continues to pursue you, he is building interest, but if he stops, well clearly he didn't feel like the work was worth the prize...YOU! The guy you spend the rest of your life with is NOT going to care if he has to wait a while to get in your pants. He will just be excited to have the opportunity to get to know you better each date.

Next, Sex can prolong relationships that don't work. If the sex is electric but the similarities, life goals, and so on are not there the relationship may remain strong based purely on sex and other positive aspects of the relationship that may or may not be important in the long run. Without sex to muddle your decision making, you can focus on building a strong foundation with your partner.

A good foundation should be based on the system taught in the article below:


I would suggest only dating men that meet the criteria in the article above. I would also propose that you keep sex in your back pocket until you are sure the man is ready to commit to you. Men are typically not going to take you on 5, 6, 7, 8 dates unless they really like you and want to learn more about you to determine if a committed relationship makes sense.

Your Dating Coach,


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  • Mike Goldstein

(Typical Friday Evening Text Message Convo) Yes, we don't spell out conversation when texting.

"Hey Babe, what are you doing tonight" - Typical Man

"It has been a long week, so cooking dinner and catching up on DVR" - Typical Woman

"Oh, that sounds like fun, may I come join you?" - Typical Man

"Sure!" - Typical Woman

What just happened here? The guy who probably has NOT communicated through spoken word with typical woman all week long has just spent 45 seconds and is now coming over most likely with the intention of trying to have sex. Now, just to be clear, if the woman just wants sex as well, this is the perfect relationship and I am all for it. However, my site is meant to help women that are looking for relationships, monogamy, and expect a higher standard from their man.

So the question is this, what should women do in order to get men away from texting and setting up dates in advance that don't involve minimal conversation and a bedroom.

First, let me explain what NOT to do. Women should not lay down the gauntlet. You should not say, "I hate when you text me, either call me or stop talking to me all together". Nothing turns a man away from a woman faster than aggressive ultimatums.

However, she could say, "Your voice is so manly and I love getting to know you better on the phone. I would have the biggest smile if you would call me on the phone instead of texting"

Now, let's go back to handle the guy who asks you out on a date the same day he calls/texts you. Since, most of you ladies are extremely busy, you already have plans and can't make that date. Assuming you are interested in that guy, here is the appropriate response.

"I am so flattered you want to go out with me. Unfortunately, I am busy tonight, but you would make me the happiest woman alive if you could plan a date a few days in advance."

Ladies, I know my responses sound corny and maybe even contrived. But, please, take me up on my challenge, try these responses and see what happens. If there is one thing I know, it is man. I know exactly how we will respond to these comments. If we like the girl, we will do exactly what she suggested. If we don't like the girl we will disappear immediately. Either way, ladies you get the result you wanted. You either got the date the way you wanted it or you got a guy that is not that interested in you to go away. No need to waste time on men not truly interested in you. Please note, men are visual, they made their mind up about how interested in you they are in the first 10 seconds. (Caveat: Of course men, need much more information to determine if you are marriage material)

HW: If you want, try out my text to phone calls line:

"Your voice is so manly and I love getting to know you better on the phone. I would have the biggest smile if you would call me on the phone instead of texting"

Let me know what happens.

If you are ready to take your dating to the next level and ready to find the man of your dreams that ultimately ends in monogamy. Contact me to express interest in setting up a time for a 100% FREE Strategy Session. You have nothing to lose, but you will definitely get the skills to find and keep a man.

Contact me at datingcoachmike@gmail.com to express interest in a free strategy session. Please leave a note with your biggest dating frustration so we can immediately start tackling your love life.

Yours Truly,


I have been getting this question a lot lately and I thought I would field this question in a blog post so I can give some clarity on the differences between the matchmaker and the dating coach.

A matchmaker who only focuses on matchmaking typically provides clients with dates/introductions to usually about 10 viable suitors. The goal of the matchmaker is to hopefully find you a compatible match as soon as possible but somewhere around 5-8 matches usually is the sweet spot for them understanding what you want and also finding a man that wants you.

Some matchmakers also coach their clients as well. These matchmakers will give you advice ranging from date conversation topics and potentially as deep as working on intrinsic issues that are preventing you from finding love.

Matchmakers typically range in pricing as low as $3,000 all the way up to $1,000,000. Prices vary based on reputation, longevity in the business, size/quality of their database, and proven track record. Many NYC based matchmakers range from 25k - 100k for 10 matches and usually have great results.

Now, what is a dating coach.

A dating coach, much like a life coach is about making you a better version of yourself and also giving you better dating skills. Typical skills taught will be better online dating, meeting people in person, pre-relationship advice, enhancing communication skills, teaching what women and men are really looking for in relationships and how to deliver that for your partner.

I am not sure about other dating coaches, but I typically will have clients dating someone they are interested in around the 90 day mark. The reason, I decided to become a dating coach is because God forbid if the relationship goes south post coaching services, my clients already have the skills needed to go find another guy.

The other reason I chose coaching, some clients are amazing people but have bad dating habits. Through coaching I can quickly help them fix these issues. However, with matchmaking, even if the matchmaker is putting amazing candidates in front of their client it may not work because the client is sabotaging the dates or has bad in-between date behavior.

Thus, I am of course very biased but I believe it is a bit more helpful to have a coach that can give you skills to DIY (Do IT Yourself) or using a talented matchmaker that is also going to coach.

Dating Coaches typically range in pricing as low as $1,000 all the way up to $1,000,0000. Programs usually range from 1 month - 6 months, but some coaches have programs that are 12 months. Many NY based dating coaches range from 3K -20K.

Both matchmaking and coaching have been wildly successful. Over the years thousands of marriages have been produced through these mediums.

If you are interested in learning more coaching, contact me at datingcoachmike@gmail.com and leave a note with your biggest dating frustration and if you would be interested in a 100% FREE STRATEGY SESSION.

Your Dating Coach,

Mike Goldstein

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